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May 2, 2011 - To whom it may concern,

My name is John Wright. I presented Norman Skeens a difficult case and very little information to go on. Norman took the case and managed to track down information about the defendant and her insurance information. Even after presenting the insurance company with medical records and substantial medical bills, the insurance company refused to accept liability. After some hard work and intense negotiating, Norman managed to get the policy limits from them and managed to get even more from my under insured coverage.

My experience with Norman Skeens and Skeens & Anderson has been a very good one and I am very pleased with the outcome and with Norman's work. I would recommend Norman to anyone that needs a great attorney.

Sincerely, John Wright (***** 5 star experience)

March 17, 2011- My name is Christian Smith,

In September of 2007 I was severely injured in an accident at work that was not my fault. I called approximately 20-30 different law firms (some of them very well known) and nobody would talk to me or take the case. I was told "You don't have a case." I exhausted my efforts of ever being able to do anything about it. In 2009 I heard on CNN about a work injury case in New York where tow undocumented workers sued and won a very substantial amount of money. I got angry and started to call law firms again. I came upon Norman Skeens of Skeens & Anderson Law Firm.

He was approximately the 5th person I called that morning and he said "Yeah, come on in and let's talk." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was like the light to the end of a tunnel.

I went to his office to talk to him and I immediately felt very comfortable with him and his staff. They have been very kind, helpful and comforting through this whole process.

Norman went to bat for me and we have now settled my case. I am very pleased with the outcome of my settlement. Without Norman none of this would have been possible. I highly recommend Norman Skeens to anybody. His office is very professional, kind and caring.

Sincerely, Christian Smith

April 13, 2011

My name is Evelyn Brown. My husband and I first came to Skeens & Anderson some 40 years ago. Norman Skeens has helped us through several legal issues over the years and even after my husband passed away, Norman continued to help and advise me through the difficult times. Norman has shown me understanding and compassion through every situation that I have presented to him and received good results. Most recently he represented me in a very difficult auto accident case and the result was great. He is very knowledgeable and has been very pleasant through the years.

I have recommended Norman several times to several friends and I will continue to recommend him to anyone that needs a great attorney.

Sincerely, Mary Evelyn Brown

Good Morning Skeens & Anderson, May I help you?

This is how I started my day for more than 20 years working at Skeens & Anderson Law Offices from October of 1983 until the early part of 2006 when I retired at age 81 due to health problems.

What a great place to work and meet new and interesting people. I learned so much about litigation. Working for Skeens & Anderson was one of the best jobs I ever had.

Greeting the new and old clients and knowing they would be helped with their legal problems and many of them just with their questions, or being referred by Norman Skeens.

Sincerely, Ginny Wilson

I, Roderick Briggs, became a client April 3, 2009.

I am extremely happy with my ending results in this case. This was a very long process and with excellent team services from Mr. Norman Skeens, Tom Schoaf, and Jack Levine, justice was served. Mr. Skeens' office staff is the most excellent team of girls; they were there every step of the way. I'm glad to have had the Skeens and Anderson team in my corner. Thanks to the Skeens and Anderson team.

Sincerely, Roderick Briggs