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Phoenix, Arizona Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers

18-wheeler Trucks make up a large number of the vehicles on the roadways, highways, turnpikes and interstates. These large transporters have many names, almost all of which are based on how they are constructed. Some common terms for these trucks are 18 wheeler, semi truck, and tractor trailer.

No matter what they are called, they are one of the leading causes of fatal accidents on our roadways. The considerable size and weight of these vehicles make them a substantial risk for people operating smaller passenger cars. All too often a hurried driver on a deadline or an operator is guilty of working more hours than are deemed safe, which can lead to collisions causing serious personal injury or wrongful death.

If you or a loved one is the victim of a commercial truck driver’s negligence, please contact the qualified legal team of Skeens & Anderson who can assist you in getting compensated for what you have lost. The truck accident lawyers of Skeens & Anderson are experienced Phoenix 18 wheeler accident lawyers who have handled 18 wheeler, semi-truck and tractor trailer accidents in Glendale and throughout Arizona.

When a semi truck, 18 wheeler or tractor trailer collides with a smaller vehicle, there can be many causes, many of which go beyond poor driving. Some of these are unique to the operation of large trucks for commercial purposes. These reasons behind why a collision occurred are not a justification. Often, they are preventable circumstances that, when ignored, lead to a crash. They include:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Driver not being able to stop in time to avoid a crash
  • Driver inexperience or poor training
  • Improperly loaded cargo
  • Jack-knifing (where the truck and the trailer form an L or a V shape)
  • Brake or other mechanical failure due to negligent maintenance of the tractor or trailer

The Phoenix accident attorneys at Skeens & Anderson have achieved many successful recoveries for victims of tractor trailer accidents in Arizona. Our semi truck accident attorneys can guide you through determining what factors led to your collision.

If you have been involved in a semi truck accident in Arizona, you need a tractor trailer accident lawyer who can prove driver and or company liability. Not only can the driver be liable for his or her mistakes but the company he or she works for can be accountable for over-looking unsafe work activities. Proving these parties are obligated to compensate you for your losses entails gathering evidence and expert witness testimony. At Skeens & Anderson our semi truck accident attorneys know how to build a case that will prove that the driver or company were at fault.

Our firm is experienced helping victims of tractor trailer, semi truck and 18 wheeler accidents in Glendale and throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. We will be happy answer your questions and have a qualified lawyer review your case for free. Contact us today at (623) 846-8416 or complete the short contact form at the top left of the page and a member of our firm will contact you. There is no fee unless our truck accident attorneys recover money for you.

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